Gulf Shores Fishing On The Intimidator With Capt Johnny Greene

gulf-shores-deep-sea-fishing-charter-boatThe Intimidator is one of the flagships of the Orange Beach fishing fleet. It is fully air conditioned with two private bathrooms.-- Photo by Troy Frady

We are the premiere deep sea fishing service along the Alabama Gulf Coast and invite you to come fish us on a private charter trip. We have been in the business for over 20 years and offer you a big, safe, clean, well maintained 65' charter boat built for discriminating anglers, who simply want the best.  We are very diverse and offer many types of trips for you to choose from.

We operate year round with a professional courteous crew and offer trips such as half day, full day and overnight trips. We fish for a variety of species like Snappers, Groupers, Tunas and other fish such as Cobia and Mackerel. We have many tournament wins and look forward to sharing our secrets with you and having a great day of fishing with you and your friends.

Our pledge to you...

We enjoy kids and the parents that spend the time and money to get the involved in the outdoors.The kids are always amazed by what they see. They truly enjoy the fun and action of a fishing trip. Plus its a great way for them to unplug and learn about the outdoors. -- Photo by the Intimidator Collection

It is really important for us to make sure you have a good experience while on the water, as our reputation depends on it. We have a long history of professionalism that is mixed in with some good old fashion southern hospitality, that you will enjoy. Let us prove to you that no one will work harder in a "G" rated, faith-based atmosphere than us. I will make every attempt to keep this booking process as simple as I can, the fishing fun, entertaining and educational as we do our part to be good Stewards of the sea.

My crew of deckhands or mates are clean cut, professional young men with captains licenses. They are kid friendly and do not swear or cuss in front of people. They are humble guys with their pants pulled up and their shirt tail tucked in but more importantly they truly love to fish and it really does show. So, you don't have worry about a thing with your clients, family or friends onboard as we have take all the worry out of it.

Bottom Fishing Trips

TheVictoria Showing off a nice Red Grouper that she reeled in all by herself! 6 hour or the half day is a popular type of trip taken by families on vacation in the local area. They are very productive adventures and have always been popular with the kids.  Most every person that has fished offshore has started on some type of bottom-fishing trip. We generally always leave the dock no later than 6 am (or 12:30 pm on the afternoon half day) and will head out anywhere from 10 to 50 miles depending on the length of the trip. As we arrive offshore, I will stop the boat over one of thousands of artificial reefs. Then, everyone grabs a fishing pole and will slowly drop their line down toward the bottom with pieces of cut squid, mackerel or maybe live bait. When you feel the bite simply pull back on the rod and begin reeling it in! From kids to seniors everyone loves reeling in a fish! This is an excellent way to get the family involved in the outdoors as the whole family can fish at one time and multiple hook-ups are common! Now keep in mind that more time you can give me, the bigger the fish generally get!

Overnighters, Big Game Fishing, Blue Water Fishing, Oil Rig Trips

Call these trips whatever you want but this is the most premiere offshore adventure that we offer. You might think that is just for the serious die hard fishermen but, you would be surprised at the number of kids and and women who participate and absolutely love these trips!

An over night deep water rigs which range from 60 to 150 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico and move around until looking for the best locations to catch the big ones. We will break up the ride along the way, to chase a variety of bottom-fish species as we ride out the tuna grounds. We always troll offshore with the wire line reels for a Wahoo or other pelagic species on the way out. We limit the number of people to only 10 or less to make sure you are comfortable and have lots of room to spread out and not feel cramped.

We target species like Yellow-fin and Black-fin Tuna, Skip jack Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and many times often see big Sharks. We are usually arrive to deepwater rigs just before sundown or just after dark, and we may start trolling at that time. But we have lots of secrets such as trolling with ballyhoo, flying the kite, live baiting, chunking or jigging to help us get the bite. There are lots of options with this much time, so we can adjust to the bite as things or conditions change on the spot where shorter trips can not.

We can also deep drop bottomfish in 500-1000 feet water and catch species of fish like Yellow edge Grouper, Tile Fish or Scorpion Fish, if the big game fishing is working out for whatever reason.

Near Shore Trolling

Another budget friendly option is to just relax and troll along right off the beach for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Jack Crevalle or even Bull Redfish. Who wouldn't love to troll right along the white sandy beaches at a slow speed as you sit on the back deck and watch the kids waiting for a strike! Sometimes you can catch two or three fish at any one time. This is because we drag as many as five lines with lures at a time. Near shore trolling trips are usually 4 to 6 hours in length. Honestly this not something that we are the greatest at because it so weather and condition dependent and we do not stay in there everyday to keep up with it but we do try hard!

Location, Location, Location!

The boat is located at the exclusive Orange Beach Marina which is one of the nicest marine yacht basins along the Gulf Coast. The facility also offers fine dining with Fishers Restaurants, transient yacht slips and home to some of the finest craftsmen in the marine industry at Saunders Yachtworks. Also located on our premises is Blue Reef Water Sports for those who are interested in Para-sailing and jet skis. There are just a handful of selected charter fishing boats like the Sea Spray, Distraction, Chippers Clipper and Yankee Star that all work together, which is very rare in any marina! The entire marina staff is friendly and anyone will gladly give you directions to what you are looking for. (Directions to the marina click here.)

Private trips only.. What does that mean?

Quite simply it will be just you and your party on the boat and we do not add other people to your trip. So if you are looking for"walk-on or split party trips" you will need to look elsewhere.

Make reservations today

All you need to do now is use our online Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing Reservation Request Form. Once you have completed the form comes directly to my inbox even if I am offshore. Trust me, I will make every attempt to reply as quickly as possible even if its from my offshore email or satellite phone. My satellite phone will generally show up on your caller ID as an "Unknown Caller" but its just me trying to call. You are always welcome to call or text me on my cell phone 251-747-2872 or try the satellite phone at 254-204-7910. I check my messages frequently and promise to call you back or answer you with availability as this is the only source of income for me and my crew.

Author Capt. Johnny Greene

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