Updated November 16, 2017

We are not a party boat and do not book any put together individuals in a group such as a " walk on" or "split party" trips.

We do offer everything from introductory level bottom fishing trips to long-range trips. We will do it with customer service that is second to none as we are fishermen that have a passion for having fun and fishing!

Just because our boat is one of the biggest in town doesn't mean that you have to have a lot of people to go. Most just enjoy having a lot of room to move around and fish.  In this business, you will get what you pay for, besides I've never heard anyone say that they wished they were on a smaller boat!

I will be glad to personally answer any questions that you may have about your trip so, feel free to call, text message or email me.

Bottom-fishing trips

For snappers, grouper, triggerfish, amberjack and other reef fish.

Half Day Bottom Fish

6 Pack Special (Only from now until March 31st)

6-hour  - $1450 for 1-6 people plus 10% per person over 

10-hour  - $2400 for 1-6 people  plus 10% per person over

12-hour  - $2900 for 1-6 people  plus 10% per person over

14-hour - $3350 for 1-6 people  plus 10% per person over

Regular season 

April 1 - November 1

6-hours - $1800 for ten people plus 10% per person over

8-hours - $2500 for ten people plus 10% per person over (seasonal availability)

Full Day Bottom fishing trips Bottom Fish only!

10-hours- $3000 for ten people plus 10% per person over

12-hours - $3600 for ten people plus 10% per person over

14-hours - $4200 for a max of 10 people

18-hours - $5500 for a max of 10 people


Overnight offshore fishing trips

For both bottom and offshore big game fish species. (snapper and grouper along with tuna, dolphin, and wahoo)

18-hour - $5800 for a maximum of 10 people

Overnight trips - (2 day trip) $7000 for a maximum of 10 people

Multi-day trips - (3 day trip) $10,000 for a maximum of 10 people

Important Information

here is a link to the printable form for your deposit information

Additional costs: Please add 20 - 25% gratuity of the trip price for your professional mates.

(There is usually always more than one mate,  please note they will divide it up accordingly)

Free Fish Cleaning on all trips with a minimum of 20% gratuity read more here

  • If you have more than ten people in your group, please add the additional cost per person. (Not more than sports people on trips longer than 12 hours)

  • On all half day and full day trips a credit card number, through a verification process is all we need to make reservations. Your credit card is authorized but not run unless you do not show for the trip. You can pay by cash, check or credit card at the time of your fishing trip.

  • Any trip longer than 12 hours is ten people maximum passenger load

  • All trips require a $1000 per day deposit.

  • No charter is considered booked unless the deposit is in our hand or credit card number is on file. All trips are booked on a first come first serve basis.

  • Deposits are non-refundable if canceled within 30 days of the charter. If we can re-book your date, then we will gladly refund your deposit to you, and there will be no charge.

  • We reserve the right to make necessary adjustments in fuel costs accordingly.

Things to be considered when pricing a trip

You will be fishing on one of the biggest boats in the entire fleet. The charter boat is a 65-foot luxury sports fisherman with a knowledgeable, full-time professional crew that is kid friendly and "G" rated. Please make sure that when considering the price of any operation that you take the time to find out what size boat you are being quoted on and the experience level of the captain and mates that you will be spending your time.  We have been in the fishing business for over 25 years and have learned a lot about fishing and have more useful information on how to get your trip together.



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